Planning and building your dream home can be an exciting but challenging experience.

With Voltus, a leading omnichannel smarttech distributor, and its Bauprogramm, you have a trusted partner to help you bring your vision to life. Voltus is more than just an online shop, as they have made it their mission to digitalize the expertise and product distribution of brick-and-mortar electrical stores. The company’s goal is to offer the right solution for each customer, from simple switches to complex lighting and building control systems with KNX or DALI technology. With the help of their team, partners, and suppliers, Voltus aims to provide the right solution for every customer, from simple switches to complex lighting and building control systems using KNX or DALI technology.


Voltus and the Bauprogramm

Voltus offers a range of electrical components for our project, including KNX buttons, presence detectors, REG KNX devices, DALI Gateway for light control, and KNX servers for control and visualization of certain states. With these components, we can monitor and control various aspects of our home, such as open windows, temperature, shading, automatically close roof windows during rain. Additionally, you can secure your home with the latest in locking systems and door bells from ekey and Doorbird, two leading manufacturers in the industry.

Voltus button selection from Berker

But that’s not all! The Bauprogramm offers many great benefits to make your building experience even better. As part of the Bauprogramm, Voltus provides several benefits. You will receive 300 EUR worth of free shipping during the building phase and a 3% cashback on the total value of your purchases. Plus, you will get one hour of “Rent-a-Techy” for free and a special price for the distribution planning. And to give you peace of mind, Voltus offers a 5-year warranty on all their products.

Planned Automations - Revolutionizing the Way We Live

With the advancement in technology, controlling your home has become easier than ever before. An intelligent home automation system offers a range of options to make your home comfortable, secure and energy-efficient.

Voltus - Bauprogarmm, Bauenmitvoltus

Our home will be equipped with a variety of automations. Here are some of the highlights:

KNX Buttons

The Berker KNX buttons will allow us to control lights, light scenes, blinds.

KNX Presence Detectors

In addition, we’ll have presence detectors from Berker that will automatically switch lights on and off in certain rooms like the entrance rooms, hallways, guest bathroom, and even outside and inside for security purposes. This will provide a warm welcome every time we enter our home.

DALI Light Control

The DALI technology for light control with a DALI gateway from ABB will allow us to have dimmable and human-centric lighting (that simulates the human biorhythm, with warm light in the morning and evening and cool light during the day if needed.), such as LED stripes, spots, and traditional designer lamps.

Window contacts

Magnet reed sensor contacts, installed in our windows, keep us informed about open or tilted windows and doors. These sensors will help keep our home secure beside other security features.

Multi-room Audio

Furthermore, we’ll have a multi-room audio system powered mainly by Sonos and Sonance with its in ceiling speakers, which will allow us to enjoy music in the living areas of our home.


The network infrastructure will be top-notch, with seamless wifi coverage through multiple access points by Ubiquity and network plugs in most rooms.

Access Control

We will have access control through new fingerprint sensors by ekey, doorbird, to securly control the motor locks for the door.

Weather Station

The weather station from JUNG will control blinds and roof top windows from VELUX and its KLF 200 through the VELUX API.

Temperature Control

Room-by-room temperature control is possible through our smartphones or another tablet for visualizations and various other controls.

Visualization and Control Server

We will also have visualization options with Gira X1, knXpresso, or a Timerwolf server.

KNX Software

The home automation options are endless and can be programmed to suit the individual needs of the home owners through KNX ETS software, which we obtained for a reduced price through collective ordering in the KNX user forum.


And these are just the highlights! There’s so much more to look forward to in terms of home automation. These features will not only make our daily lives easier, but also provide a level of customization and comfort that is tailored to our lifestyle and offers an effortless, convenient and comfortable living experience.

With such a intelligent home automation system, we have the power to control our home with just a push of a button from our smartphones, voice or traditional wall buttons ;-) Welcome to the future of living.


Overall, we are grateful to be part of the Bauprogramm and excited to see the endless possibilities of home automation with Voltus. With the company’s expertise and the benefits of the program, you can have confidence that your home will be both functional and secure for years to come. So why wait? Start building your dream home with Voltus today!