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The wheel was man’s greatest invention – until he got behind it. (Bill Ireland)


SLAM using Grid-based FastSLAM

7 minute read

For Simultaneous Localization and Mapping a lot of algorithms exist. This post shows the basics of SLAM and how Grid-based FastSLAM works using ROS.

Monte Carlo Localization

8 minute read

Monte Carlo Localization can be used to localize a robot in a world with its position and orientation. This post shows the basic algorithm and a c++ implemen...

ROS Kalman Filter for Sensor Fusion

13 minute read

The Kalman filter is used for state estimation and sensor fusion. This post shows how sensor fusion is done using the Kalman filter and ROS.

Extended Kalman Filter

1 minute read

The Kalman filter is used for state estimation but limited to linear models. To deal with nonlinear models the extended Kalman filter can be used instead.

Kalman Filter

4 minute read

The Kalman filter is used for state estimation and sensor fustion. This post explains it.

Images as Functions

4 minute read

Images as functions explained using matplotlib and opencv in python 3.

Path Planning

4 minute read

Path planning generates vehicle trajectories using fused sensor data to understand the environment around the vehicle and localization data to determine wher...

Model Predictive Control

5 minute read

Model predictive control reframes the task of following a vehicle into an optimization problem. The solution to this optimization is a time ordered set of op...

Vehicle Models

1 minute read

There are basically two types of vehicle models:

Dynamic Models

2 minute read

Dynamic models aim to embody the actual vehicle dynamics as closely as possible. They might encompass tire forces, longitudinal and lateral forces, inertia, ...


1 minute read

Localization answers the following question:

CTRV Model

1 minute read

A mathematical model to describe the motion of a mobile robot.

Unscented Kalman Filter

6 minute read

The following summarizes the important steps of the unscented Kalman filter algorithm.


Autonomous RC Car Parts

This project aims to build a self driving rc car equipped with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ running ROS and an Arduino MKR1000 to control the motor and the servo for ...



Topics related to C++




Autonomous RC Car

1 minute read

Autonomous RC Car equipped with a Raspberry Pi running ROS and Arduino to control its servos.