Flying FPV drones is the new trend with racing events and it makes scenic shots possible that haven’t been seen before. Controlling a FPV drone remotely and seeing the live image through your fpv-goggles, literally sitting in an (unpiloted) aerial vehicle, is amazing and made possible through latest technology, which makes this sport so fascinating. You feel free as a bird as you fly with high speed over scenic mountain views or through woods where you feel the thrill and try not to crash your drone into the next tree. Even if it happens, remember: Forget it, fix it, fly it! The build and repair is exciting too. The hardware and software technology that makes it possible to fly a drone interests me the most and this is why I started this project of documenting my knowledge in this field. I hope you find this content useful to get as excited as I am and build your own race quad.

FPV Race Quad Build

In this project we will build a race quad. For the parts that will be used to build this quad check out the part list.

If you are new to this hobby follow this project. You find the index on the left. All the required theory will be outlined first, followed by build instructions. Common terms are explained in the glossar and linked throuhout the single pages.