A flight controller can be operated with different software (firmware). Popular software for FPV race copters are Cleanflight, its successor Betaflight and LibrePilot. Another software used specifically for FPV races is KISS from Flyduino with its related flight controller. We will use Betaflight because it supports a wide variety of flight controllers.

  • Cleanflight: Simple interface which is used via a Chrome browser application window.
  • Betaflight: A software fork of Cleanflight and specifically optimized for race copters.
  • LibrePilot: Software with lots of configuration options and a well structured menu to adjust the PID values.

Betaflight is an open source flight controller software (firmware) which supports a variety of flight controllers, which comes with an easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Although the name implies that it is a beta version, which it get’s because it is a fork of the popular Cleanflight software, it is well established and should be seen as a progression to Cleanflight. Betaflight’s was intentionally developed for race copters which is why it provides faster communication protocols (loop time) and therefore faster and more percise control of the copter.

Betaflight Graphical User Interface (GUI).

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